About Us

The LCLC is a partnership between The Open University and Pembroke College Oxford, based in William Morris Sixth Form in Hammersmith. It was originally set up with funding from the London Schools Excellence Fund, in conjunction with the Mayor of London and the Department for Education. The LCLC seeks to:

  •  enhance the subject knowledge of language teachers and students;
  • raise students’ academic aspirations and cultural knowledge;
  • encourage and promote the study of languages at university level, which are traditionally
  • less popular choices for applicants from the state sector;
  • raise the prole of Modern Foreign Languages, an invaluable cultural and economic skill which we believe is undervalued in the UK

We aim to achieve our goals by building relationships between students, teachers, and universities, through a series of academic activities, ranging from Study Days and seminars to residential Summer Schools, alongside dedicated online resources for teachers and students of modern languages, developed by specialists from Oxford and The Open University. Underpinning our model is the belief that intensive academic engagement is one of the best ways to raise pupils’ aspirations; to foster enthusiasm for their subject and a “love of learning”; and to broaden their academic horizons. These are precisely the qualities that the most competitive universities are looking for in their prospective applicants, whichever subjects they wish to study.