The LCLC has forged partnerships with a number of other language programmes and organisations, including other London Schools Excellence Fund projects. Some of the most significant collaborations include:

 placeholder The Bridge AP Academy: The LCLC has formed a close working partnership with another local MFL project based at the Bridge AP Academy in Fulham, part of the Tri-Borough Alternative Provision (TBAP). This programme aims to teach languages to sta and teachers across TBAP’s schools, with a view to incorporating languages
more fully into the school curriculum. The LCLC has worked closely with this project, the collaboration culminating in a two-day residential Summer School at Pembroke College in July 2014, attended by six teachers and support sta who had been part of the TBAP programme. Over the course of the two days, the teachers were introduced
to language teaching skills, particularly within the context of alternative provision. The teachers were also able to have the opportunity to improve their own language skills using the resources of oxford University’s own dedicated Language Centre. For more information about this project, please contact Anu Jain at
 placeholder University of Westminster: The LCLC is working with a further London Schools Excellence Fund languages project run by Network for Languages London, based at the University of Westminster. The
project, called “Professional Language Networks”, allows language teachers to share ideas and approaches to teaching and provides them with the opportunity to update their professional skills as well as their subject knowledge in languages, linguistics and language teaching methodology.Our partnership with Network for Languages London has also allowed us to work more closely with new schools, including primary schools in the tri-borough. Our January 2015 Study Day in Oxford, for example, was attended by over twenty Year 6 pupils from schools participating in the programme, enjoying mini-lectures, language taster sessions, and a tour of Pembroke College. The LCLC is very keen to continue working with younger pupils, to foster a love of languages at the earliest possible age. For more information about this event and the Network for Languages project, please contact Domini Stone at:
placeholder Oxford Brookes University: The LCLC has partnered with Oxford Brookes University to provide expertise in the field of Applied Languages, particularly within a business context, to demonstrate to students the huge range of possibilities open to language graduates – one of the degrees most highly-valued by employers in the UK. Promoting the study of languages as an extremely useful as well as enjoyable skill is one of the fundamental aims of the Centre. The first Applied Languages event, focusing on Language and Business, took
place in March 2015. Oxford Brookes also has particular expertise in Japanese, and we are in the process of organising an event on Japanese cinema later in 2015.