Summer School

The LCLC’s year ends with a three-day residential Summer School held at Pembroke College in Oxford, a more intensive experience for a smaller number of participants, giving sixth formers the chance to experience what it is like to study languages at university. Students are set essays by postgraduate students in their chosen language, which they complete with access to Pembroke College’s extensive resources, and with the assistance of undergraduate mentors. The Summer School culminates in a traditional Oxford tutorial, in which the students are expected to discuss and defend their essay with their postgraduate tutor. This challenging but highly rewarding experience gives students an unrivalled opportunity to speak directly with an expert on their work, and gives them a taste of a unique element of the Oxford academic experience. The Summer School also gives the sixth formers the chance to meet and converse with current language students at Oxford, giving them an invaluable insight into life as an undergraduate. Prizes are also awarded to two student ‘exhibitioners’ and one ‘scholar’ for their performance in their essays and tutorials.

In addition, a parallel Summer School runs for teachers, bringing together teachers of several different languages from a variety of schools. The programme focuses on enhancing language teachers’ pedagogical and subject knowledge, both through introduction to the LCLC’s dedicated resources, and engagement with Open University specialists. The Summer School also gives teachers the ability to utilize the huge resources of the University of Oxford. Given access to the University’s world-class Bodleian, Taylorian and Oriental Institute Libraries, teachers are able to explore their own academic interests and take some of Oxford’s learning back to the classroom.

See below Programmes for 2014 and 2015 below:

Summer School 2014 Programme

LCLC Summer Programme 2015