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    On Friday 3rd July, we hosted a Colloquium at Pembroke College Oxford, entitled “A Future for Languages in Schools?”, part of a wider attempt to address the critical state of decline in which modern languages in the UK are finding themselves.

    Proceedings and action points from the Colloquium will be drawn up in the coming weeks into an executive summary which will be published and taken forward over the summer. We also hope to form a standing group of interested parties to take this forward – to repeat words used on the day, a “coalition of the willing” – through what we hope will become a regular event.

    However, in the meantime we are keen for the community formed at the Colloquium to continue, and to grow. If you attended on Friday and would like to continue the debates that were begun, or if you were unable to attend but would like to contribute to the ongoing discussion, please do so here!

    Feel free to create new topics, but also to use this one to get conversation going, the big question being: Is there a future for languages in schools, and if so, how do we secure that future?

    Matt Garraghan,
    Centre Coordinator

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